The artefact Pandora’s box from Greek Mythology was a large jar given to Pandora to hold for a while, containing all the evils in the world. When Pandora opened the box, all the evils flew out, leaving only ‘’Hope’’, the good one, when the box was closed by Pandora.

Facts about pandora box
This story is very interesting and teaches us life lessons. It is a tale that warns us of the dangers of letting your curiosity control your actions. This is a well worn story, retold many times but we can always develop new perspective from it.

One of the most memorable quotes from Maria Montessori is, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” In following this philosophy, your child spends the whole day at school being responsible for their work, their impact on the individuals around them as well as the environment, but likely they have a different set of expectations for themselves at home. So, I thought I would share a few ways you can encourage this same sense of independence, care and self-confidence within your home setting.

imageChild’s motivation to speak second language is like chain lube to your bike: it makes other parts of bilingual upbringing flow smoothly.
Parents often say: “If he/she would just understand how important it is to speak/read/write in English he/she would be motivated to speak it!”
The logic here is:
knowledge motivates us to take action (speak second language in our case)
But does it really work this way?
Take a moment and try to remember that time when you were motivated to accomplish something?
Now think about what event led you to get motivated about it?
And finally, do you remember what did you feel during that event?

imageEn janvier nous avons fêté trois anniversaire dans notre classe, l’occasion est donc parfaite pour vous partager comment nous le célébrons dans une classe Montessori.

Nous installons dans la classe autour d’une ellipse tracée au sol les douze étiquettes des mois de l’année, nous plaçons au centre de l’ellipse une bougie représentant le soleil.
L’enfant dont c’est l’anniversaire tient dans ses mains le globe terrestre et nous montre ou est ce qu'il est né. Partant de son mois de naissance, il ou elle commence à faire le tour du soleil.

imageDear Parents,
Happy new year from the little buzzing Bees class, (2-3 year olds) at Prunelle School Montessori Bilingual - Puteaux.

Our Montessori Toddlers might be little, but they are very clever and are learning more and more each day! They have impressed their teachers with english words and movements they remember from songs and pictures each day! It is definitely amazing to see how much our toddlers have learned, cognitively, emotionally and physically since they started last year. You don’t always see what they can do in or at a specific moment, but be patient, they will show off their skills and new knowledge when they are ready!


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