Elementary School

Elementary School,  6 to 12 Years

In the 6 – 12 years classroom, students have a cosmic task – to understand how each individual is valuable, providing the foundation for evolution. Every element of the natural system – from pre-history to modernity – is integrated and of equal importance. Through a developed passion for understanding the world around them, students’ interest in math, reading and writing are nurtured. This approach expands education from an exercise in learning for the sake of learning into the creation of an internal desire to learn and to develop the tools that help students acquire and express new knowledge.
Children study a wide range of cultures and their dynamics, where they developed, how they took advantage of natural resources, how they evolved, and what they believed.

They learn about geography in great depth and how natural forces determine our climate. Through the Great Lessons, they study natural science, history, biology, botany, zoology, geography, geology and much more. They learn to respect our world and our people and all the natural resources. Students are taught the operation of galaxies and solar systems. They learn about the formation of Earth, seasons, natural wonders, weather, rocks, and minerals.

Our curriculum most importantly teaches compassion, respect for others and ourselves. All of this leads to your child’s understanding that they are valuable and can affect change on the world.

Language Arts

For children, the ability to speak opens doors; the ability to read opens minds. Our Language Arts program builds on the foundation laid in preschool to master tasks such as: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Dictionary Skills, Poetry, Novel Studies, and Penmanship.

Fine Arts

Dr. Montessori recommended children have daily exposure to art and music. Students will be exposed to many materials designed to stimulate the child’s senses and peak their interest. They are integrated into our daily classroom activities where the creative process is more important than the product.

Math and Geometry

Math is a very concrete experience in a Montessori classroom. Concepts are crystallized in children’s minds through detailed materials that bring all mathematical concepts alive for our students. They experience work and play as one with math materials. We introduce our Elementary students to the study of the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, logic, and statistics along with the principle of arithmetic. This study continues over the years, weaving together subjects that traditional schools may not introduce until children are much older.

Science Experiments

Regular, monitored science experiments are designed to give the child the basic knowledge which will make possible the understanding of the development of the solar system, the earth and its configurations, life on earth, and the needs of plants and animals.

Foreign Language Instruction 

French and English Native speakers will help your child develop either French or English language skills, with increasing exposure to reading and writing. Underlying all activities is the discovery of other cultures.


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