Learning Environment

«The child should live in an environment of beauty.» — Maria Montessori

Prunelle School Bilingual Montessori is committed to the education of students from 2 years through nine years of age. We are currently accepting applications for students from two years through nine years old (third grade). Review a break-out of our academic programs here.

Our mission is to develop the whole personality of the child with love, respect, and independence, providing them with the tools to make their own decisions in a caring and structured environment.


Our Classrooms

Students are unique individuals and deserve respect. Every classroom in our school is led by a Montessori-trained and certified head teacher and a minimum of one assistant teacher. The School maintains a strict student-teacher ratio to ensure each student receives individualized instruction.

In the Montessori classroom – at any level – the child experiences an orderly environment containing a variety of tangible activities, which in many cases are self-correcting. The activities progress steadily from simple to complex, from concrete to abstract. Learning is reinforced internally through comprehension and feelings of success.

Once our students reach the Primary level, our classrooms are grouped in three-year cycles. Collaboration among age levels is integral to reinforcing leadership skills and encourages mentoring.

Hands-on, self-directed learning, character development, and peaceful conflict resolution are central to our curriculum. Your child’s environment will be carefully prepared with multi-sensory materials to engage their minds and hands.


Measuring Success

Unlike traditional classrooms, which encourage rote memorization and measure your child’s success against a uniform standard, we report regularly on every student’s progress with email communications and journals. Teachers hold collaborative conferences with parents two times a year or upon request.


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